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Big block, small block?

-----Original Message-----
 From: Sarah and Patrick []
 Sent: Friday, December 11, 1998 12:52 PM
 I had a question and I thought you guys might be able to answer it. What is the start of a big block engine as far as what cubic inch? Is a 396 cubic inch engine a big block or a small block?

Whether or not an engine is a big block or small block is determined by it's weight and external dimensions rather than cubic inch displacement.
For example: A 400 cid Chevy is a small block but a 366 cid Chevy is a big block.
Externally the 366 is one hundred pounds or so heavier and 4" taller and wider. It belongs to a family of Chevy engines to include the 396, 402, 427, 454 and 502.


Is a 351 cubic inch engine a small or big block?

A 351 Windsor is the largest member of a small block family which includes the 255, 289 and 302.

The 351 Cleveland and 351 Modified engines are big blocks. The "351 Modified" means that it is a de-stroked 400 big block.


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From: **********.org  Sent: Monday, May 03, 1999 4:12 AM

hey. I saw your web page, and the section about engines for replacement in a 1985 Seville. Normally, people would replace the 4100 with another 4100 or maybe even a 4500. Since these engines are junk, is there any other engines to be put into consideration? Please let me know. thanks!

Reply: Changing to something else is not cost effective.

Replacing the somewhat buggy Ht 4100 engine with one of our bug fixed newer versions is.

  • Internal upgrades include a better intake gasket to stop internal coolant leaks.

  • Improved camshaft composition to resist lobe mushing and to combat accelerated distributor gear wear.

  • Improved cam bearings for better oil pressure and better retention when hot.

  • Better main bearings with tighter clearances to improve oil pressure.

  • Cast iron oil pump with greatly improved wear characteristics over the soft aluminum pump.

  • Cylinders "potted" for better O-ring sealing.

  • Sealed Power piston rings.

  • Tighter rod bearing clearances for improved oiling.

  • Bronze valve guides on both intake and exhaust valves.

Although some of the HT's reputation is deserved, much of it is like having Shannon Dougherty or Sharon Stone for a girlfriend. Even though it has a short temper at certain times the design is so attractive you wouldn't trade it in for a more reliable Ricky Lake type engine. Basically, never ever let it run hot. With it's lightweight bi-metal construction it's junk in 60 seconds. R&R and resurface the intake manifold every 60 thousand miles, get 20-w-50 oil changes, run Slick 50 or equivalent and the average HT will go over two hundred thousand miles.



Payment in full can be completed upon ordering.
Payment Methods are:

For additional information regarding payment options, please call 1-800-575-6998, or 1-443-451-5139-overseas, or email:

Longblock gas engines come with 1 yr/unlimited mileage warranties standard. 

A 3 yr/50000 mile non-commercial warranty is $190 or $290 on engines priced over $2000. 

Shipper may add charges for special handling on your end, like residential pickup or liftgate service.
    Please call us at
1.800.575.6998/1.443.451.5139 or e-mail

Longblock, shortblock?

 -----Original Message-----
From: J. Reed
Sent: Monday, November 30, 1998 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: ok I have a question

Thank you for the info I'll be getting back with you about ordering an eng. one last question (I didn't think to ask it before) is long block the same as big block?

Mr. Reed,
You're welcome, that's what I'm here for.
No. A long block is any "special complete" engine minus outer items such as valve covers, flywheel, oil pan, timing cover, intake and exhaust manifolds and harmonic balancer.

Generally, a short block is any long block engine minus internal components like cylinder heads, oil pump, gaskets, lifters, sometimes timing components and camshaft.

Short blocks are falling into disfavor because by the time you buy the short block and the mandatory lifters, gaskets, oil pump and such you end up spending more money than you would have spent buying a long block in the first place. Also if you buy the short block you may have to pay your mechanic more money to install it because it takes more time and then when it's all finished the engine warranty only covers the bottom (short) half of the engine.

See, you've got to buy gaskets just to put it together. It would be nuts to put an engine in without a new oil pump. The camshaft warranty is no good without new lifters and besides it's just good policy, etc. You get the idea.

A big block is a larger engine such as a 396,427 or 454 Chevy or a 460 Ford for cars or light trucks .


Engine remanufactured .com.,

I like to say that I bought a remanufactured engine from your site and the engine ran perfectly.  I can say that I was quite satisfied with the performance of the engine, during the time I had the car it felt like I was driving a new car.  The car did not miss a beat!!!!

Sincerely, J. J . Goodwin




Reply: We limit upgrading this engine to a custom version of the 4.5 liter engine for a few different reasons, not the least of which is laws from state to state that consider a complete engine change the removal of legally required anti pollution equipment. (fines)

The other alternatives are also heavy and require a computer change, front end alignment, changing the brake proportioning valve, myriad bracket pulley, plumbing and bracket changes, manifolds, exhaust, etc. In short, if you find someone to do it, add at least a few thousand dollars. We party poopers won't do it at any price.

The 4.5 liter engine improves the power situation significantly for not a lot more money and it's difficult to tell the different from the original HT4100 engine other than the power increase.

Having said this, you should know that the design is almost identical to the 4.1 from a reliability standpoint BUT we make over a dozen major changes and improvements to the original engine, whether 4.1 or 4.5. to make it very reliable.



Our premium top quality longblock engines are fully remanufactured to the highest industry standards, and we pride ourselves on building engines using the latest in upgrades and improvements. 

As an American Engine Rebuilders Association member we have access to thousands of bulletins enabling us to make engines that are in many ways better than when they were new.

Procedures used to achieve these high standards are block, crankshaft, connecting rod and cylinder head Magnafluxing, align honing, high speed cylinder boring and two stage plateau honing using Sunnen equipment for more power and lower oil consumption.

Cylinder heads remachining to a 60 RA finish, insert or thinwall bronze guide installation on both intake and exhaust guides, valve refacing using Lacey Williams chucks with replacement if needed at no additional cost, premium valve seals instead of the cheapies our competitors use.

All heads undergo Sioux vacuum testing and go-no-go gauging.Crankshaft stress relieving in an oven, Magnafluxing, remachining and micropolishing. Sunnen reconditioning of matched, selected connecting rods.

We primarily use Sealed Power pistons and piston rings with the patented SS-50 stainless oil control ring, Clevite 77 main and rod bearings, Durabond seamless cam bearings, Melling oil pumps and the Clevite or Sealed Power camshafts, Dynagear timing sets and Pioneer Freeze plugs.

**If you instead have us custom remanufacture YOUR old engine there is no up-front deposit but if it turns out to not be rebuildable (cracks, holes in the block, etc), there may be a charge for us to purchase a rebuildable core for you. It will not exceed the core deposit mentioned above. [Often, if the block is destroyed you get a partial core deposit refund for the rebuildable heads, etc.]                             


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