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Everything I'm going to say applies generally and is subject to change and error. I became a certified Master Mechanic and Master Machinist a bunch of years ago so most of my swapping expertise goes back a few years. Although our online database shows longblock pricing, we can put together special complete engines that go all the way up to running turn key units that may or may not include batteries, guage assemblies, transmissions, motor mounts, radiators and air filters. To get a rough idea of cost, an early 350 chevy for a car or pick up is about the least expensive at about $4000. A 350 Olds runs about $3700 and a 455 Pontiac like the one below at about $5500. A 500 HP 502 Chevy is more than that. But. It's only money and that's why we go to work every day....Right?

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Turn key engines like this Big block Pontiac are available by order from us and take about 30 days to have ready to ship. We hot run the longblock on our SIM tester and then we run them again with gas and adjust the ignition timing for at least 15 minutes before we ship them. Engines hot and wet run cannot be shipped air freight.

Most of the time on modern cars, you're much better off selling your vehicle and buying a vehicle with the engine you want or modifying the engine you have. While you are figuring things out, don't forget the computer, wiring harness, exhaust system, front end alignment, perches, fan shroud and 70 or 80 other important things.


Do it anyway. 

Winston Churchill said: "Americans will do the right thing after they've tried everything else".

Now. Having said that, you can put about any engine into about any vehicle you want to badly enough and there are some upgrades that are very easy. The easier ones are generally within a particular engine family if you hope to use the transmission that came with the vehicle. For example, if you want to remove a 1985 305 Chevy and put in a 1985 350 Chevy longblock you don't have to change a thing. Purists might say you need to use a bigger balancer on the crankshaft with a matching timing cover. The flywheel and starter may be different, but many 350's are running around with the smaller 305 flywheel and starter. I've performed many 305 to 350 swaps and have never monkeyed with the fuel ratios whether efi or carb.

350 chevy marine full dress2.JPG (335550 bytes)          350 chevy marine full dress3.JPG (307850 bytes)

350 marine V8 270 hp above with throttle body fuel injection and closed cooling will directly replace most any of the Mercruiser or Volvo/Penta engines.

Chevy small block 90 degree engines include 200, 229, 4.3 in V6. V8's that share many parts with the V6 engines are 262, 265, 267, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, and 400. Stroker and destroked motors made using these base engines are 301, 383, 388, and on up to about 427 cid.

Chevy big block 90 degree engines include 366 tall deck, 396 and 402 short deck, 427 short and tall deck versions, and 454 short and tall deck versions. 502's are available and will swap with the other big block engines. Bigblock and small block engines share the same bellhousing pattern which means, for example, that if a 229 V6 came out, A 454 "Rat" Chevy engine will "bolt up" to the transmission. None of these 90 degree engines fit in a front wheel drive car.

200 v6 and 229 v6 upgrade to carburated 4.3 V6 easily except for the vacuum advance distributor. Mallory has one for about $300 and you need to buy the electronics to go with it. I have an HEI one for $250. You have to change the manifolds, but the brackets and accesssories can be used on the new engine as can the starter. Going up to a V8 is not that big of a deal either with many items usable from the 200, 229 and 4.3.

Chevy 2.8,  3.1 and 3.4 are 60 degree V6 engines completely different from th 90 degreee engines above and the engines above will not replace them unless, generally speaking, you are prepared to change the transmission. No parts are interchangeable. Period. has a bunch of swapping parts

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454 marine longblock

500 hp marine 502 turnkey with closed cooling.


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